Our daily schedule

The way I conduct my tours varies on the area we are in and the attractions around.

I love Africa and its people, so I would regularly tell you stories about the region, the people the history etc.

We might spend 20mins in the morning chatting about the history of earth or the evolution of the Cheetah or the lost world of the Bokoni people.

The history in our region is some of the richest and most interesting.

Coffee stops and lunch

We would stop for coffee or tea and take a break every 2 hrs or so.

Our lunch stop would be around mid day for about 45 mins, all depending on the day. If we have a short day we have more time to stop.

We would normally depart at 7.30 am and I expect to be in camp at about 4.30 pm. However I will discuss the days activities the previous day.

 Loosing time

Whenever I have arrived late at a camp, I have always looked back to see what had happened during the day. Over time it has become clear to me that most of the late arrivals are not due to one event on the day, but rather a host of small events. Imagine, depart 5 mins late, have a 5 min longer coffee and lunch stop. 5 mins for a group foto, or 5 mins to inflate tyres deflate tyres tie down the loose bag on the roof rack etc.

12 x 5 mins is one hour.

Therefor I am rather sticky about our schedule, I try to avoid arriving late in camp.

I am an adventure guide

I am a trained and qualified adventure guide with extensive field knowledge. My job is too ensure that you enjoy the trip in a safe manner without injury to you or damage to your vehicle.

I might not be able to answer you on the type of tree, but I have a bunch of books with me to try and assist.

I am a 4x4 instructor

You do not need any experience on any of my routes, I will gently guide you through everything and teach you what to do as we go.

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