To cater or not to cater

I started my tours without catering. Camping for me is so easy that I never thought it would be a problem for some.

My client base at the moment travels with me for this specific reason, I do not cater. That means they get the tours a little cheaper, and they cook their own food, food that they like. This takes care of food preferences, food allergies etc

I also provide a host of tips and suggestions that makes camping easy, ask anyone that has been out with me before. I do believe in good food and a warm bed on trips.

Modern fridge freezers have also changed the way we camp so much that I believe it is easy and comfortable and possible for all to be able to do their own food.

Bluerhino catering

Recently I have been asked to do fully catered trips, and so I started to offer this on my tours.

If you do feel the need to just relax and want me to do the catering for you, this is now possible. On the trip pages you will see the option of catering available and the cost per head for this. However if you are going to look after yourself you may just ignore this part.

The meals will be healthy and filling, and resembles pretty much what I have been doing for the past 5 years. Stews, curries, pastas braais etc.

Normally breakfast and dinner would be included and you add something if you so wish. Lunch would be something lite that you provide yourself and take with you.



Our normal catering would be breakfast and dinner, lunch you have to take care of yourself, but this would be biscuits, chips, tuna snacks etc.


Shops have popped up all over the show, and finding food these days are less of a challenge.

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