How do I choose

Most of my tours are camping accommodation, this is often the only way to visit an area. Further lodges are very expensive and often not what you expect.

But I do try to look for upgrade options and use lodges where possible, often one would not feel like cooking and rather go for a meal in the local restaurant.


Tents are so good and cheap these days that it is easy to find a good tent at a low price. The key to selecting a tent is how fast to set up and how fast to take down, how much space does it take to pack.

Awnings, and fancy stuff just makes it more complicated.

2.5m x 2.5m canvas dome ground tents are strong, cost effective and fast.



We only stay in lodges that I would recommend. They might not all live up to the 5 star super dooper level, but most of them do and even surpasses the expectation.

The good quality of lodges in Africa will actually surprise you.

Bluerhino tents

If you feel like camping but do not have a tent, You may rent a 2.5 x 2.5 dome from me, send me a mail to check availability and prices.

Camp sites

We do our best to find campsites with good ablutions flush toilets and hot water. However sometimes this has to be weighed with the proximity to the areas we want to visit. It is pointless to sleep 200km from the action because there is hot water.

Bush showers

If a campsite has no shower, I will provide a bucket shower for the night. With 5 litres of hot water you can shower like a king…

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